Exam Prep

Be confident on your Units before doing general past papers, would be my advice. In this section we will look at exam technique , Practice Questions and Problem Solving (Multistage Questions).

PLC Foundation

PLC Topics

These are the topics for Foundation. Depending on how far your class has come you may not hit all of the topics. Be advised regarding which are more valuable in terms of marks.

Exam Technique

Most likely to lose most marks by not realising/understanding what the question is asking you. Finding the process to do out of the questions take practice.

Foundation Maths Help

Foundation Help

Advise on what to do and which topics come with more marks.

Talk through a paper

A long video but worth having a look through a few questions at the start and end.

Talk through a paper

Shorter video

Practice Questions

Edexcel Past Paper Search This comes direct from the exam board.

Edexcel Past Papers

Maths Genie - Past Papers 

These have solutions and videos

Problem Solving

What do you know?

Draw a picture!

What can you find out?

What do you need?