Unit 1 Number

Unit 1 - Number

Worksheets and Videos

In here you will find exercises which match up with the Revision Booklet. Lots of the exercises have a Video with them. Don't

Unit 1 - Number V2

Revision Booklet V2

Unit 1 to 5 will get a rewrite in line with the new Scheme of Work and it's use with us in Shutdown. I have left lots of room for you to annotate it.

Unit 1

Revision Booklet V1

I did this with an emphasis on using fewest words possible for those with lower literacy levels. Scheme of work has changed but still mostly relevant.

Prime Factor Trees

Videos for Prime Factor Trees. Look at the playlist on the right hand side for the rest of the videos, they will play one after the other.


LCM - Lowest Common Multiple

HCF - Highest Common Factor

N1 Place value, ordering and rounding

Place, Value, Ordering & Rounding

N2 Negative numbers


N3 Multiples, factors and primes

Multiples, Factors & Primes

N4 Powers and roots

Powers & Roots

N9 Mental methods

Mental Methods

N10 Written and calculator methods

Written & Calculator Methods

N1 Integers


N4 Decimals and rounding

Decimals & Rounding