We are going to apply the algebra skills deeper into other topics now.

Unit 6 Angles

Unit 7 Statistics

Unit 8 Perimeter, Area & Volume

Unit 9 Graphs

Unit 10 Transformations

Problem solving skills to the fore, with a great big dollop of multiplication.

Unit 11 Ratio and Proportion

Unit 12 Right Angled Triangles

Unit 13 Probability

Unit 14 Multiplicative Reasoning

Unit 15 Drawing

If you are pushing for a grade 5 then these are your nemesis. Ensure you have skilled up on the previous units.

Unit 16 Quadratics

Unit 17 Perimeter, Area and Volume 2

Unit 18 Fractions, Indices and Standard Form

Unit 19 Congruence and Vectors

Unit 20 More Algebra

Use the PLC below and focus on Units 1-5 where you are nope or Bad. Then do the same with 6-10 and 11-15. Personally I would stop at 15 unless you are going for a grade 5. When you are OK at 1-15 then it is worth doing past papers and problem solving.

PLC Foundation

Personal Learning Checklist

Red Amber Green your topics