Steps to...

I try and write everything up on the computer because it is easy to change and my handwriting isn't so good. Sometimes you just need a book to lay things out properly. Some of these relate directly to Unit work some of them are just skills. I will try and write up a few examples, or some notes on a few different topics

5.1 Solving 1 Step.pdf

Solving Equations - 1 Step

5.1 Solving.pdf

Solving Equations - 2 Step

This is singularly the most important thing we do as regards getting marks. You will start of doing easy numbers but it will soon become harder and you can't work it out in your heads.

Step1 Multiplication.pdf

Short Multiplication

3 steps how to do short multiplication, annotated.

Step2 Division.pdf

Division by Cancellation / Simplifying

How to avoid the Bus Stop method if you can.

mixed to improper.pdf

Fractions - Mixed to Improper

improper to mixed.pdf

Fractions - Improper to Mixed

AddSSSub Fraction.pdf

Add / Subtract Fractions

Comparing Fractions.pdf

Comparing Fractions

Simple Interest.pdf

Simple Interest

Compound Shapes.pdf

Compound Shapes


Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

Simplifying Expressions.pdf

Simplifying Expressions

nth Term.pdf

nth Term

Compound Shapes.pdf

Compound Shapes